09 August 2013

New To-Do List (which is actually a chart!)

In the interest of bringing better organization to my life, I typed "post it to do list" into Pinterest. (And, let's face it, I also wanted to play around with my brand new Pinterest account!)There were a lot of great ideas on there, including this one, which ended up being basically what I did, except that I put mine on poster board instead of a chalk board.

While I was standing in the middle of the Wal-Mart office supply area, a really friendly employee walked up and asked if I was looking for something specific. I told her I was trying to put together some sort of Post-It to-do list, and she gave me a couple suggestions. After brainstorming with her for about five minutes, this is what we came up with: 

DSCN2586 001

I color coded the main categories where I usually have things to be done: my blog, school, home, co-op, and misc. It's super easy to add new items and take down the ones you've done. If I do things out of order, it doesn't bother me, since I have the ability to move the Post-Its around. (I have always disliked having a #3 item crossed off of a list before a #2 item!)

I love that now I have a visual of what I need to get done. Having a list of things to cross off is helpful for me if I have things that need to be done immediately and in a certain order, but it doesn't help me to remember the things that need to be done at some point in the near future. Now I can have the best of both worlds!

08 August 2013

Learning Outside the Box Blog Hop - Sports (Week #1)

Welcome to the first Learning Outside the Box Blog Hop post! Let me start off by saying that I came up with six topics and put them down on note cards. I had my daughter draw one, and of course she drew the hardest one: home improvement/home organization projects. I didn't want to throw that one out there just yet, so I had my other daughter draw the next one. Sports it is!

Only one of my girls is actually in a sport, and that is K. She takes horseback riding lessons once a week in the summer. She has expressed some interest in eventually competing, but I've told her she needs to get past small jumps and trotting in order for me to consider paying for year-round lessons. 

She did just try cantering a couple weeks ago, but only did it for about three seconds. Then she started yelling, "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" She then informed me (Yes, "informed!" That's what she does. She decides, then informs me of her decisions!) that she's not going to canter again for a long time. She might do it when she's 10, but she might wait longer than that!

DSCN2551 001This is the horse she rides: Lucy. She had just learned how to give Lucy a bath and then lead her around for a few minutes. 

DSCN2552 001


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07 August 2013

Wordless Wednesday - August 7, 2013

DSCN2625 001Kid's Shelves - K (blue shelf), H (pink shelf), J (learning toys)

DSCN2626 001Reorganized shelves

DSCN2627 001Projects from co-op (coral, keepsake box, Native American headdress, Native American dart, flower from my toddler)

DSCN2629 001Supply boxes, magazine holders for workbooks and teacher's guides, school store items, newspapers for arts and crafts

Wordless Wednesday on Only Passionate Curiosity

06 August 2013

First Day of School 2013

Our first day of school was an incredibly productive one with minimal complaints! We went over the new "daily binders" first, which currently contain calendars, an attendance sheet, "I Can" lists (whicht can be used as a general guideline of what to expect to learn over the next year), and temperature graphs. I also purchased 50-cent composition books to write down each girl's daily assignments, and I explained the use of these. I presented them each with a 5-color pack of highlighters to use to highlight the assignments as they are completed. (Highlighting the assignments throughout the day may have been their favorite part of the day!)

Once we had all of that first-day stuff done, they tackled their assignment list. After a little over an hour, they took a 15-minute break. They didn't even complain when I told them it was time to return. (This is usually where I begin to lose H's attention!) By the time lunch rolled around, all that H had left was her grammar assignment (her least favorite because she doesn't like to write a lot!), and all K had left was her cursive and her history. After they ate their lunch, I let them go off to play so that I could try to get Little Man down for his nap. (This didn't exactly work, but that's a whole different blog, I think!) When I called them up from the play room, they came up, again without complaint, and got back to work. (This is usually the part where I have pretty much lost them both, unless I turn on the threats!)

All in all, I really couldn't have asked for a better first day of school!

DSCN2614 001

K's First Day of School Picture

DSCN2616 001

H's First Day of School Picture

05 August 2013

Blog Hop Announcement

I'm super excited to announce that I'm going to be hosting my first blog hop! I'm still trying to iron out all the technical details, but here are the details of the hop. 

It's going to be semi-themed. The posts need to be about things that are educational for your children without being academic in nature, such as sewing, cooking, and sports. Each week during the hop I'll announce a theme. However, if the theme happens to be something like sewing and you have three boys who wouldn't go near a needle and thread, you don't have to stick to the theme! Just post something that they do like to do!

As I get the technical side of things figured out, you'll see this post change a bit. I'll send out a new post once I get things all set to go!

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