Assignment Books

We are revamping the way we plan things once again! It's just a minor change this time though. Instead of directly writing the girls' daily assignments into their assignment books, I decided Post-it notes might be a better way to go. This allows me to easily take an assignment that was partially finished, or one that wasn't finished at all, and move it to the next day. I find that with K's new history and science approach, there is always at least one thing that has to be moved to the next day. Otherwise, it's just too long of a day for her. I'm also throwing in a lot of extras this year, such as outlining and logic, so sometimes I decide to let them have a break from those, in the interest of ending school on a happy note. Hopefully, this new approach will be a great timesaver. 

What's your favorite method for daily planning of your school day?

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