Learning Outside the Box Blog Hop - Sports (Week #1)

Welcome to the first Learning Outside the Box Blog Hop post! Let me start off by saying that I came up with six topics and put them down on note cards. I had my daughter draw one, and of course she drew the hardest one: home improvement/home organization projects. I didn't want to throw that one out there just yet, so I had my other daughter draw the next one. Sports it is!

Only one of my girls is actually in a sport, and that is K. She takes horseback riding lessons once a week in the summer. She has expressed some interest in eventually competing, but I've told her she needs to get past small jumps and trotting in order for me to consider paying for year-round lessons. 

She did just try cantering a couple weeks ago, but only did it for about three seconds. Then she started yelling, "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" She then informed me (Yes, "informed!" That's what she does. She decides, then informs me of her decisions!) that she's not going to canter again for a long time. She might do it when she's 10, but she might wait longer than that!

DSCN2551 001This is the horse she rides: Lucy. She had just learned how to give Lucy a bath and then lead her around for a few minutes. 

DSCN2552 001


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