First Day of School 2013

Our first day of school was an incredibly productive one with minimal complaints! We went over the new "daily binders" first, which currently contain calendars, an attendance sheet, "I Can" lists (whicht can be used as a general guideline of what to expect to learn over the next year), and temperature graphs. I also purchased 50-cent composition books to write down each girl's daily assignments, and I explained the use of these. I presented them each with a 5-color pack of highlighters to use to highlight the assignments as they are completed. (Highlighting the assignments throughout the day may have been their favorite part of the day!)

Once we had all of that first-day stuff done, they tackled their assignment list. After a little over an hour, they took a 15-minute break. They didn't even complain when I told them it was time to return. (This is usually where I begin to lose H's attention!) By the time lunch rolled around, all that H had left was her grammar assignment (her least favorite because she doesn't like to write a lot!), and all K had left was her cursive and her history. After they ate their lunch, I let them go off to play so that I could try to get Little Man down for his nap. (This didn't exactly work, but that's a whole different blog, I think!) When I called them up from the play room, they came up, again without complaint, and got back to work. (This is usually the part where I have pretty much lost them both, unless I turn on the threats!)

All in all, I really couldn't have asked for a better first day of school!

DSCN2614 001

K's First Day of School Picture

DSCN2616 001

H's First Day of School Picture

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