Getting Prepped for Science

I finally did it! I finally purchased the Elemental Science (ES) Biology for the Logic Stage ebook! I am really excited to start this program in a few weeks, and I think that K is, too. We will probably have to begin the program without a microscope, but I hope to obtain one soon enough that we only miss one lesson that needs it.

I sat down over the weekend and printed out all the pages. I did the teacher's guide two-sided, but I wanted to do the student guide one-sided, so that we didn't have to worry about anything going through to the other side or smudges getting on facing pages.

It's impressive what 262 pages in a binder looks like!

We still have to obtain the spines, which are the Encyclopedia of Nature by DK Publishing and The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, and of course, the microscope and probably a set of prepared slides. Then we will be all set to get started on what looks like a magnificent program for my 9-year-old scientist!

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