The First Farmers

I couldn't have asked for a better start to K's new history program. Not only did she do an outstanding job on all of her work, but she loved it while doing it!

After reading about the early farmers, she decided that she wanted to do further study on how the early farmers tamed animals. We didn't find a ton of information about how, but she was satisfied with what she did learn about the topic. 

Her week-end summary is below: 


Despite a few spelling errors, I think that she did a fantastic job! She has had a few formal lessons in writing, but I have never really sat down and walked her through writing a report of this nature. All I told her was to write three or four paragraphs about what she had learned throughout the week and to try her best to keep the paragraphs on topic. I was really surprised when she came back to me with more than a page of writing. I cannot wait to see what she is able to come up with once co-op starts back up and she gets into her writing class.

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