The Next Six Weeks

We just completed our week off from our six-weeks-on/six-weeks-off schedule. Most of what we had planned for the previous six weeks was completed, which made me a very happy teacher!

I still have a few more subjects to finish planning tonight, but I'm all set for the next six weeks.

In history, we will be continuing along with our study of the 17th and 18th centuries. This is one of the subjects that I have yet to finish planning, but we're going to begin the session by learning about King James, Captain John Smith, and Henry Hudson, the explorer. We will also continue reading the story about Ferdinand Magellan that we have been working on as a read-aloud.

In science, we will continue with R.E.A.L. Science and our co-op Apologia.

In math, K is going to be covering almost three chapters of math: Place Value with Thousands, Geometry, and Measuring. H will be continuing on with her MUS Alpha, but she will soon be moving on to Beta, probably in the six-week session after this one. Both girls are also using the Xtra Math website for drill practice.

In literature, H is going to be finishing up her Tornado unit of Moving Beyond the Page (MBtP). Then she will be beginning Sarah, Plain and Tall. After that, I think I will let her take the remaining days and  just read a chapter book of her choosing. K will be doing the MBtP unit of Little House in the Big Woods, followed by a unit of The Sign of the Beaver.

In grammar, K is going to be doing chapter 5 of Growing With Grammar level 3, which is her last chapter of this level. H has just recently begun level 2, so she will be continuing with that.

I'm still working on the lesson plans for both of their writing courses. K will continue with her Writing Strands, but I may choose to add something else into that, since she loves to write. H will probably begin IEW's new primary course, Bible Heroes, but it may not be until the next session.