Happy 2013!

Well, our first week of the new year is complete. It was quite productive, too.

For history, we are taking a break from Story of the World and starting a unit study that covers 17th/18th century. It is called A Journey Through... the Centuries of America. So far, they are really enjoying it. In addition to the reading pages and narration sheets, there are also book and video suggestions, art and craft activities, and an included lapbook. This week, we began the first lesson, which talks about early European explorers and native Americans. The got the folders put together today, including the cover of their lapbook. Next week, we will make native American dioramas and begin the mini books for the lapbook.

In science, we worked on the notebook journals for Zoo 2. Although K is not taking it at our co-op, I am including her in H's reading assignments and having her keep a journal for the class, too.

H has recently began Growing With Grammar Level 2, and so far she is doing fantastic with it. It begins with a very gentle approach with just a few problems on each page for her to do, which is a perfect fit for her at this time.

Overall, I am very pleased with their progress for the first week of 2013.

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