The New School Year

Today is our "official" first day of the new school year. I say "official" because my girls convinced me to start their new materials a week early.

K is going to be using Moving Beyond the Page for her literature studies this year, and when they arrived in the mail, she just couldn't resist them! So far, we are already four days in on this unit. She seems to really like it so far. The approach is right up her alley, especially the journaling part. After each chapter, she is supposed to write a quick summary of the chapter and add an illustration to go along with it.

New for H this year is Sequential Spelling. (We are also going to be adding Growing With Grammar and maybe Winning With Writing, but we haven't yet.) I think the allure of this for her is the fact that her sister uses the program. For some reason, whatever her sister is doing always looks fun for her. I'm hoping that this approach to spelling will allow her to feel free to start writing more. She usually doesn't like to write things because she doesn't know how to spell much. She just can't stand for anything to be spelled wrong on her work!

Well, so far so good. The day has gone smoothly, despite the fact that I'm also dealing with a sick baby today. I'm really looking forward to this school year. I think that for the most part, we are over the hump in regards to strong resistance. H needs a little more work, but she is beginning to see the importance of school.