Back to the Grindstone

Well, we are back to work after taking a short break to get used to the new addition to our family. J entered our family on the 8th of September, so we took just over two weeks to adjust before continuing our normal school schedule. Today was our first day back to the school room, and everyone did well, even J. He spent the first hour in his bouncy chair near my desk. During our break, I gave him some lunch and tried to get him to nap. He was a little fussy during our second session of school, so I decided to break in the Baby K'Tan. It put him right to sleep and allowed me to be hands free for the rest of our school day.

We may end up tweaking our schedule a little bit as we go along, but it's not like we've never had to do that before! Overall, I have faith that he will fit into our routine quite well.