Weekly Update - Week #2

Week #2 has come and mostly gone. It was a pretty good week, even though life is getting hectic with doctor and dentist appointments.

The highlights of the week have been K having four 100% math assignments and one 97% math assignment, H doing fantastic at a trial gymnastics lesson, and the arrival of level 2 of Winning With Writing (WWW).

H has made the decision that she wants to give up horseback riding lessons and try gymnastics instead. Last night we were able to take her to a class to try out. I'm going to see if we can do that again this week, as it took her a while to warm up and participate in the class. I'm hoping that if she goes to one more trial class she can prove to us that she is going to participate in the class. I don't want to pay for something that she's going to end up not doing.

Next week we plan on adding the new WWW program and Sequential Spelling (SS) to K's workload. I kept them out so that we could ease into the year. However, she worked so diligently all this week, I think we can safely add them in without it being an overload on her. With SS, we are going to be continuing where we left off. WWW is a brand new program for us this year, though. I looked through the first 11 weeks of it last night, and was able to eliminate some of the lessons that are too much of a review for her, like subjects and predicates. She could probably handle level 3, but we decided to get her level 2 and just let her work through it at a faster pace, so that she doesn't end up missing out on something she needs to grasp before level 3.

I also made some tweaks to how I'm going to teach Bible Study Guide for all Ages, although we did not try it out this week. On day one, we will go through the drill, review past lessons, and read the story for the lesson. On the second day, we will do the worksheets. This should break it up evenly so that we're not spending so much of our school time doing just one subject.

I also decided to ditch the Excel spreadsheet that I was putting lesson plans on for the girls. The original plan was to use that to schedule a week or two at a time, print it up for the girls each week, and use it as a visual for them to see what they accomplished throughout the week. I would then transfer what they actually did into Homeschool Skedtrack (HS). However, it's too cluttered of a format for me, and makes for extra steps in my day. If they did more than one math assignment in one day, for example, it was hard to tell at a glance what they had accomplished. Instead of a grid, I think I need something that utilizes lists. I also like to give the girls an extra bonus if they complete all of the assignments by the end of the week. This motivates them to not try to save something for the next day. (I'll have to make a post about our reward system.)

So, with the absence of the Excel planning sheet, I'm back to trying to figure out a way to keep track of a week's worth of assignments. Unfortunately, HS does not allow printing of a weekly assignment list, but just a daily one. And I'm also back to entering my lesson plans into HS, though I do think that it will work out in the long run.

Well, that's it for our review for this week and our look-ahead to next week. :)

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