The First Week - So Far

We have been doing pretty good this week so far. We are not quite back to our normal "schedule" yet, but we have been plugging along with the school work.

The girls have already gotten a lot of their work completed, and K has already had a math test, which she got 96% on. Tomorrow is her first grammar test in Growing With Grammar.

H has begun learning cursive, which she really seems to like a lot. She has learned through the letter C so far. I will need to make her lots of extra sheets to practice with, I assume, as she doesn't seem to want to take her time with it like her sister does.

Some things I can already see need to be tweaked, and we have not added all of the subjects back into the mix yet, either. We still need to get going on science again, K is going to start writing soon, and we haven't done any Sequential Spelling yet. History this week was a review of the first nine chapters of Story of the World, but next week we will continue forward, learning about Ancient China.

I can also see that the new Bible program needs to be tweaked. It it too time consuming to do it along with all the other subjects and still expect to get the others done without taking all day. I will sit down with it this weekend and figure out a good way to break up the lessons over two days. This will work out nicely, since I had planned on doing just two lessons a week anyway, so instead of just doing it two days a week, we will do four days a week. Once we get our feet wet with it some more, I will probably post a review of the program.

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