New Portfolio/Record-Keeping Binders

Here is a sneak peek of the girls' binders for the upcoming school year. This will contain all of our record-keeping items (attendance, course of study, etc.) as well as samples of their work from throughout the year. Although our state doesn't require any of this, I want to start keeping track this year.

These are the binders. I still need to make some nice covers for them.  K is color-coded blue, and H is pink. These just happen to be their favorite colors.

This is our calendar for the year. I go through it and mark a --- on the days that we don't have school and write a C on our co-op days. I downloaded this from Donna Young.

Each binder has a coure of study sheet in it. It has the subjects and the books that we use for them listed on it. I also got this from Donna Young. I was able to type the information onto it before printing.
Also from Donna Young, this is for each girl to check off each subject on each day as she does them. 
I made this one myself. :) Since we have 42 weeks of school and most of what I could find were sheets made for 36 weeks of school, I had to make my own. We are going with 14-week trimesters. Each day there is graded work, the grade will be written onto the sheet. Then, I can very easily add this information to Homeschool Skedtrack every few days.

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