New Grading Procedures, Pt. 2

Last week I blogged about the grading system we will be using with K this upcoming year. Today I thought I should share how we will be handling H's grades.

Like her sister, the individual subject grades will be 70% tests and 30% daily work.

Also like her sister, her language arts will be grouped into one grade. However, since she is using different curricula, it will be divided differently. Her McRuffy Language and Reading will receive 45%, McRuffy Spelling and Phonics will receive 45%, and Sequential Spelling will receive the remaining 10%.

In addition to language arts, she also does two math programs. I could use the generic subject of math and give a single grade, but I decided to break it up into the individual subjects instead. Math Mammoth and Math U See will each be worth 50% of her total grade.

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