2011-12 Record Keeping

After much research into different peoples' methods of record keeping/planning, I have decided to continue to use Homeschool Skedtrack to document my homeschool. However, I have made a few minor adjustments.

One of the downfalls I have had with Homeschool Skedtrack in the past is that if I got behind on the logging of our daily work, I would just give up and stop using the program. I have come up with a few ways to remedy this. First of all, I am going to be giving the girls a sheet of their work to be completed on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I am still trying to decide the best way to do this. I might revert back to a Word document that I made a couple years ago that had a monthly plan for me and then a weekly plan that I would print out and give to K. Then they can check off the items as they are completed out of their workboxes and I can have a record of the work accomplished for the week.

The only obstacle that I'm running into is that sometimes I'm not sure what we're doing until the day before, as I might change something up to add in extra review, skip ahead, or even just have a day where the work is "different" for a change of pace. For example, H is using two math programs. Currently I alternate them based on the subject and the "school mood" she is in. Sometimes, just seeing one of them makes her "resistent" to school, but if I pull out the other one, we can get something accomplished. For this reason, having the schedule made up ahead of time might not be productive, unless I go with a daily plan.

Next, since K has expressed interest in getting her daily work graded as well as her tests, I have been grading her assignments as she completes them, with the exception of Growing With Grammar (GWG), which I have taught her how to grade on her own using the answer key. (She finds this subject especially easy, so usually gets most, if not all, of them correct!) I am going to use either an Excel grade sheet or a paper grade sheet to keep track of grades on a daily basis. This way, if for some reason I do not have Homeschool Skedtrack open on a particular day, or if we simply are away from the computer, I can easily go back into it and update the grade info when it's convenient.

Hopefully, these tweaks will make all the difference for me and allow me to keep up to date on all that we are accomplishing throughout the year. I am really looking forward to our upcoming year, which starts in three-and-a-half short weeks!

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