2011-12 Curriculum Changes

For the most part, we are going to be using the same curriculum as last year, with a few minor changes, additions, and transitions. Here are the differences:

Growing With Grammar - She just recently finished level 2 and is now into level 3. Before we began our four-week break, she got through the first six lessons.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature - She has been doing the yellow book of this for a while now, but I don't think I've ever blogged about it.
Winning With Writing - We are considering adding this into the language arts mix this year, but I'm not sure if we will start with level 2 or 3.

Math Mammoth - In addition to Math U See, we have started working through Math Mammoth 1A. This gives us options, rather than doing the same thing day after day.
Sequential Spelling - While I love the approach that McRuffy uses for all language arts subjects, I feel that adding in SS would allow her to begin doing more writing on her own. She has never been one to use imaginative spelling, so always has to ask someone how to spell things she wants to write. And she has been writing and asking a lot lately!
New American Cursive - H will begin book one of NAC when we resume at the beginning of August.

In addition to the above, both girls will also begin Bible Study Guide for All Ages. This will be done together, just like our history and science are.

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