Planning Ahead

As we wind down our school year, I have been considering what our goals for the upcoming year should be. Most of our curriculum has been wonderful this year, so there will not be any changes to that. However, there are some areas that I feel we need to make the focus of the upcoming year.

For both girls I have two specific goals in mind:
1. Finish the first volume of SOTW. They are now in a place where they actually enjoy and show signs of readiness for this, so we should be able to complete it without shelving it any more.
2. Finish R.E.A.L. Science - Life. I just need to purchase the complete program, since my nine-week's worth of lessons are completed.
3. Work on more memorization.

For H, I have the following goals:
1. Work on reading confidence. She has gotten a lot better in the last year, but I want to continue that upward trend.
2. Finish McRuffy Kindergarten and transition into McRuffy 1st grade. We are almost there!
3. Work on handwriting, particularly lowercase letters. We will also probably start New American Cursive with her later in the year.

For K, I have the following goals:
1. Finish learning all the cursive letters and begin using cursive in other subjects.
2. Begin memorizing the multiplication tables.
3. Find more fiction for her to read.

For myself, I need to work on the following:
1. Keeping better records of things like attendance and which assignments we do each day.
2. Keep up with my blog better. I would especially like to remember to take more pictures of their daily work and special projects, like lapbooks.