Weekly Report - Week #16

We had a very productive week this week. We were able to get a lot of science and history done for once, and we even had our first Jeopardy game.

In history we were introduced to the Jewish people, and read the story about Abraham and Sarah and the story about Joseph, both from the Bible.

In science we talked about the musculoskeletal system. Below you will see the skeletons the girls put together and the arm models that we made. We used the arm models to do a lab where they had to measure the biceps string and the triceps string with the arm flexed and then again with the arm extended, so they could compare what happens to your muscles when you bend your arm. They also learned that muscles can only pull and cannot push.

Below is a picture of our jeopardy game. We had six categories with five questions each, just like the real game. We even used a buzzer from an old game I have for the contestants to buzz in. K ended up winning, but I think that Dad threw the final jeopardy question on purpose. ;)
Eventually, I would like to play this every Friday as a way to review, but for now we don't have enough material to review, so it would just be the same questions every week. A lot of the clues that were in the game were things that both girls should have known. It was all school-related material, except for the TV Shows by Character category, where the clue was something like Smitty and they had to know it was Imagination Movers. Dad even got one wrong in that category, because he thought Beaver was on Little Bear instead of Franklin.

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