The Animal Guy Field Trip

A lot of these pictures are kind of dark. The room where the event was held did not have the best lighting, and since I was back a bit from the action, my flash didn't work overly well. In addition to the animals pictured below, there were also two chinchillas and an armadillo.

This is a barn owl. They live everywhere on the planet, although in some places they are known by different names.

You can see K in her braids and dark pink shirt, but H is hidden by other students. There were over 100 students in attendance!

This is a baby wallaby.

More than once he tried to hop into the students, so he had to be caught by the tail in mid-hop and "pouched." Here, just his tail is sticking out, but one of his hind feet was sticking out at one point. He seemed perfectly content this way, even if he was upside down and twisted!

This is a horseshoe crab.

This is a 400-pound python. She will soon be "retired" because she is getting too large to transport easily. Both girls touched her and were not afraid of her at all. Some of the other parents were, though!

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