22 October 2009

First Spelling Test

My youngest just had her first spelling test ever, and she got them all right! The words were the, is, cat, hat, and sat. She also read another book today, and did it all by herself without any help from me, other than looking up at me after every sentence for confirmation. I'm so proud of her!

03 October 2009

Weekly Report - Week #4

We had another great week of school.

K got 100% on her spelling test, which included words such as scalp, throw, help, and calf.
She also worked on telling time some more, with more emphasis on the concept of after and till. We only have another week or so of this chapter, but we're taking it slow to make sure she has it down, since it's such a difficult concept. We have only been doing a few problems a day, but it has been working for her beautifully.
While copying the sentence In the beginning God made heaven and earth. she asked me this question: How did God make heaven if he lives in heaven? Where does she get this stuff?

H read her first reader in the McRuffy phonics program. It contained the words bass, bat, cat, Pat, sat, and the. Her confidence has built up even more this week. She read the book to Daddy later that night, and even called Grandma and Grandpa and read it to them.
In math, she continued to work on one-to-one correspondence, completing patterns, and greater than and less than.

For science, we studied a small plot of land in our backyard behind the garage. It was mostly clover and other weeds, but there were a few rocks, a small piece of cellophane, and an earwig. We were categorizing the items by living and nonliving. K really enjoyed this project, but H was more interested in picking the nearby chickweed flowers, so I filled in most of her lab sheet. She even wanted me to do her drawings for her.

In history, we started studying Sargon and Akkadia. Again, H was not so interested. She did seem to enjoy the map work, though.

For fun, H made a Halloween-countdown chain. K started hers, but she was tired from all of her school work, so it only has 3 links on it so far. They each also colored Halloween pictures for our art wall. Later in the month, I'll take some pictures of it, once we get more hung up.

Overall, it was a great week and we had lots of fun. I hope many more weeks like this one follow.

01 October 2009

Homeschool Skedtrack

I just wanted to make a quick post that really is meant for all of the other homeschooling mothers that read my blog. Homeschool Skedtrack has been working extremely well for us this year. It is an online scheduler and tracker that is very user friendly. You can keep track of your classes and assignments, field trips, grades, days off, and much more.

You can print a report card or transcript at any time. I have our year broken down into four quarters, and I plan on issuing report cards for each quarter. You can set your grading weights for each class individually. You can even decide how you want your grading scale set up and which grading scale you want to use (A, B, C... or E,S, NI, U, F or A+, A, A-, B+ B...).

Each day when you log on, it takes you to the daily schedule for one of you students. As each lesson is complete, or once they are all completed, you check them off. At that point you can enter the grades for any graded work. If you forget to check something off one day, you can easily go back and fix it. It works really well for workboxes, too. When I'm setting up the workboxes, I just open up the schedule for the following day and there's my list of what needs to be done. The hardest part is deciding which order to go in, so that I can help each student without making the other one wait.

If you are sick one day (or for a week, like I was), it marks your students absent and moves the planned activity to the next day that class is scheduled for.

I could probably go on and on, but you should probably check it out for yourself. It really is a wonderful program, and I have been looking for a scheduling program that works for me for almost three years. And the best part of all, it's completely free!