Weekly Report - Week #10-11

With the recent holidays I have been very busy, so I'm now going to get caught up with a double weekly report. (We did not have school the week of Thanksgiving.)

First of all, I don't think I mentioned the report cards in my last post. For our first term K received E's (excellent) in all of her graded subjects. H received E's for phonics & reading and spelling, but a S (satisfactory) for science, which is graded subjectively. Sometimes she doesn't want to participate when I'm trying to tell them things, but she is getting better.

K has been doing a lot better at her math lately. We have backed up to a point that gives her a nice challenge without being too hard for her to do on her own for the most part. Yesterday, I even taught her a place value lesson from H's math, and she seemed to enjoy working with the Math-U-See blocks. In her Math Mammoth, she did some problems of subtracting in columns.

I just picked up a new reading workbook from Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago, and we have been working out of that along with our other reading workbook. It's called Reading for the Gifted Student. There have actually been a few things that have presented a challenge to her, mostly answering questions that require her to come up with answers that are not clearly stated in the reading selections.

H's reading is still getting better and better. We have now completed the first 46 lessons of McRuffy. She has doubled up on the lessons several times, since the lessons are somewhat short. We will complete a lesson and then she will look ahead at the next page and decide that she wants to do that, too. She is also starting to really get into Starfall, and will play on that site a few times per week.

We have also completed the first eight lessons of H's Math-U-See. We have moved onto lesson 9, which is Place Value: Units and Tens. (That's the lesson I taught K yesterday.) I have not taught the lesson to H yet, as we have been working on making a lapbook to go along with it. We were having so much fun working on it, K decided to help, too. She drew a car to go along with it for me to cut out. Here are some pictures of the project still in progress. I have to pick up a few items this weekend to be able to finish it next week.

I think that about covers it for what we have done in the last couple school weeks. I will be sure to post some more pictures of the lapbook once it's completed.

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