Weekly Report - Week #9

We had a really good week this week. I'm very pleased with the progress we have made.

First of all, we finally were able to get the Math U See blocks and student text for H. The day it arrived in the mail, she did 12 pages! She is in the Primer book and it is broken down into 30 lessons, each lesson to be done at your own pace, with three practice pages and three review pages. Since she has already completed Saxon K, we have only been reviewing topics she already knows, but it is an entirely different approach, so we're starting at the beginning. We were able to get through the first four lessons this week.

H's reading is also still going extremely well! She got 100% on her spelling test again today, as well as 100% on her phonics test. I say a word, and she has to choose which word I said between two words. She is now reading sentences such as A bass is in the hat.

K also got 100% on her spelling test today, which were all words with the /ou/ sound.

We finished up the McRuffy readers with K this week, so now she is doing two pages out of a 2nd-grade comprehension workbook each day. When this is done, I will probably get the 3rd-grade level of the same book, since she really seems to enjoy this. I am also looking into some Evan-Moor products to use with her at some point. Right now, however, I'm going to concentrate more on math, science, and history during school hours, and let her continue reading her nonfiction books on her own.

Math has been a little bit of a struggle for K the last few weeks. We had to back up a little and practice some more adding, since the 2nd-grade Math Mammoth was moving along too fast. We might need to back up a little more and concentrate on place value for another week or so. She has also expressed an interest in having Daddy be her math teacher instead of me, so we are going to give that a trial run.