What a terrific day!

H had such a productive day today! She was sick all day yesterday, and was still pretty stuffed up this morning, so I thought for sure she would take a sick day. But she insisted that she attend school. Apparently all of the rest she got yesterday did wonders for her focus and her stamina. First of all, she was able to read the word bass on the chalkboard, and then told me how to change it to pass, without hardly any thought. (I used to have to walk her through this, and it has been a while, so I was very impressed by this.) Then, as you can see in the above picture, she cut and glued the s's into the appropriate places and then proceeded to draw the lines connecting the words to the pictures.

This is a page for her letter book that we're starting. I found her the baseball to get her started, but she found the book, butterfly, and bear all by herself. She also wrote book and bear on the page.

This is her math worksheet. I was hesitant to use this free MEP math program while waiting to order Math-U-See, but so far it's not so bad. It's different, but she seems to like it. I guess when you're fairly new to something it is going to be different anyway, right? So, this required very minimal help on my part, except for reading the directions and explaining how to do #4, which is a bit tricky. I also helped her figure out how to color the sailboats so that no two were alike, but once she saw what I was doing, she pretty much did the last few on her own.

So, like I said, it was a very productive day in H's world today. She even read me a short book tonight before bed. I think she is finally gaining some reading confidence, and she seems to really like the McRuffy. We had to shelve it for a year, but so far we have not had any problems with it since starting it again. I'm confident that this will be her year to really shine and learn a lot.

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