What's Left?

Well, I'm starting to feel the crunch. Today marks the 1-week mark. I still have lesson plans for K's bible course to plan out (which I swear I did back in June, but I don't know what notebook I used to write them all down in), workboxes to finish getting ready, posters to hang, desks to clean out. We still need to purchase H's math, but in the meantime, I'm going to gather some things we have around here for her to work on and some workbooks from Dollar Tree.

Since I got rid of our metal cube rack, the girls lost their cubbies, so I still have two piles of books and folders that don't have a home. I keep coming back to their desks, but I just see that as a disaster. They like to put their coloring pages and craft things that they make in their desks, and I can already see us trying to find a certain workbook or folder and not being able to find it. So I need a cubby alternative. That, for now, is the only missing link for our school room. (Well, that and the map that won't stay up, but my next step is to try those 3M Command strips. The poster putty and the StikkiClips have seriously let me down!)

These are the things that I will be concentrating on this week. I'm sure I'm leaving something out, as I have not made my cup of coffee yet. At any rate, I'll be posting again very soon!