Weekly Report - Week #1

We had a fairly productive week. Today was lighter than the rest of the week, but that was because, as a family, we had a lot of things to accomplish. K was still able to get her math, writing, and spelling assignments done before we left to run errands. So, here's what we were able to accomplish this week:

Math - Worked on dividing sets and shapes into halves and quarters; Practiced reading minutes on a clock
Writing - First two copywork assignments and first two narration assignments
Spelling - Worked on words with the consonant blends of sm, tw, sw, and ft
Bible - Started a unit about the many ways that God loves his children

Math - Worked on one-to-one correspondence, tallest/shortest, longest/shortest, and continuing patterns
Language Arts - Worked on short-vowel a words; Practiced sight words

Both Girls
Science - Learned about cells and characteristics of living things
History - Reviewed chapters 0-4