Before Pictures...

Here is what our walls looked like a couple weeks ago. You can see the remnants of last year's school work and the absence of a few posters on the walls. After pictures are to follow. I am still trying to figure out what wall will be used for what subject, and I still have to get that darn world map hung back up.

I don't know if I have any pictures of what we were using last year for books and cubbies, but we we had a metal cube storage set up and there were two cubes for my books, one for coloring books, one for each of the girls cubbies, and one for miscellaneous items. On the top we kept our paper. We had to get rid of that to make room for the workboxes, so we've doing quite a bit of shuffling around of our books and paper. Fortunately, I was able to relocate the books into a different room on a bookshelf. I decided the cubbies were no longer necessary, since I'll be putting the girls needed supplies into their workboxes each night. Their desks will only contain their supply boxes, Daddy folders, and music and art supplies.